Monday, July 05, 2010

Family picture

A month ago, when my brother was visiting from Tucson, I had family pictures taken and decided to post one here. It was taken two weeks before my granddaughter's first birthday. She apparently has decided that turning a year old made her eligible to walk- just last week she started taking her first unassisted steps!

The duo responsible for the whole thing . . . . . .

My boys - Brian, on the left, is the father of the two mini-folk, and Timothy is on the right - and grandboy, Matthew . . . .

And my girls. My lovely daughter-in-law, Lauren, is the mama of the wee ones. We got caught in the rain (which is why I look like a drowned rat!) and we girls took refuge in the resident gazebo.
And the star of the show is . . . . . Abigail!